Aruwa Inaugural Annual Investor Meeting

We are pleased to highlight our inaugural annual investor meeting which held on the 30th of June in Lagos Nigeria. We showcased the incredible success and progress of Aruwa Capital Management and our portfolio companies.

It was an honour to welcome our esteemed investors from all over the world who have been instrumental in our journey thus far. This gathering was an opportunity to reflect on our achievements since inception and present an exciting glimpse into our future plans.

Since our humble beginnings in late 2019, Aruwa has strived to create a lasting impact in the venture capital and private equity landscape, and this is evident in our portfolio. Fund I has been an extraordinary chapter for us, marked by remarkable milestones and transformative and pioneering investments. We have had the privilege of partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and talented management teams, and together, we have achieved remarkable growth and value creation across essential industries.

Some of the highlights we shared with our investors include:

– Exits – We have had five partial exits out of our 9 investments – over 60% of our portfolio has had realisations and liquidity events
– Above benchmark returns – Our fund returns as of June 2023 are in line with or above regional and global benchmarks using data from Pitchbook and Cambridge Associates for 2019 vintage funds
– Impressive growth – Some of our companies have seen on average 7x revenue growth since our investment
– Additionality – 3 of our 9 companies have raised capital from larger financial or strategic investors shortly after we invested
– Over 60% of our portfolio companies are led by women
– More than 95,000 direct and indirect jobs are being supported by our investment
– Females represent 70% of the total direct and indirect jobs
– There are 700 direct jobs within our portfolio, including 143 newly created jobs in the last 12 months

We are very proud of these achievements showcasing that through our investment strategy we can combine strong financial returns with meaningful social impact.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our investors, founders, portfolio companies and all our esteemed guests who attended our event. We are honoured to have you by our side in this journey and look forward to making lasting impact with you by our side.

Together, we would work towards a future where innovation thrives and success knows no bounds, the best is yet to come.

Watch Aruwa Investor Day Video here-