The Opportunity


Gender balanced senior investment teams
generated 20% higher net IRR than funds
lacking in gender diversity

Source: IFC

28 (trillion)

Could be added to global GDP
by 2025 if the gender gap
is bridged.

Source: Mckinsey


Across 300 companies team switch
at least one female founder performed
63% better than all male founder teams

Source: First Round Capital


Women will be responsible
for 70% of all consumer
spending worldwide.

Source: Boston Consulting Group


For businesses founded and co-founded by
women, for every dollar of funding raised,
they delivered 2.5x more revenue than male
founded startups.

Source: Boston Consulting Group


Top quartile gender diverse executive teams
were 21% more likely to experience
above average profitability than companies
with low diversity.

Source: Mckinsey