Our Portfolio

Wemy Industries

Sector: Healthcare
An indigenous manufacturer of daily disposable personal hygiene goods.


Lifestores Pharmacy

Sector: Healthcare
Pharmacy retail chain and technology enabled pharmacy marketplace.



Sector: Financial Technology
Mission critical data infrastructure and machine learning models…


Agroeknor International

Sector: Consumer Goods and Wellness
Leading exporter of superfoods and consumer wellness brand.



Sector: Financial Technology
A leading financial services distribution network.



Sector: Cleantech / Renewable Energy
A technology-enabled renewable energy refrigeration company for off-grid areas.



Sector: Consumer Goods
A direct to consumer (D2C) tech-enabled manufacturer and retailer of afrocentric mass market and premium furniture



Sector: Consumer Goods
A tech enabled B2B e-commerce company digitizing and revolutionizing informal trade in Africa.



Sector: Consumer Goods
A Leading indigenous manufacturer of snack foods and confectioneries in Nigeria.



Sector: Healthcare
A modern, tech-enabled healthcare company enabling clinically underserved communities access to quality and affordable healthcare and diagnostic services across Africa.


What Our Investees Are Saying About Us

Damisola Lawal- Solarin
VP Commercial, Lifestores Healthcare

“Aruwa has been one of our most helpful investors playing a critical role in our mission to democratize access to essential healthcare. Aruwa has helped to open new distribution channels, grow our team and bring onboard new strategic partners.”

Paul Odunaiya
CEO, Wemy Industries

“Aruwa is a great investor that knows how to identify good entrepreneurs. Aruwa has high standards and as a result of this they get good results. Aruwa’s involvement has been transformational for our business.”

Lorraine Maina
Chief Strategy Officer, Pngme

“We are very happy to be working with a founder-centric investor that is local, authentic and accessible and we are happy with the value-add Aruwa has brought to their investment in Pngme.”

Fatima Murtala
Senior Manager: People Operations and
Community Impact, Agroeknor

“Through Aruwa’s investment, Agroeknor has been able to invest in an integrated backend process and scalable infrastructure to optimize the superfood value chain for earnings to over 2,000 Agroeknor small holder farmers and agro-processors. The Aruwa team have been true partners to us.’’

Oluwatomi Ayorinde
Founder and CEO, Crowdforce

“Aruwa as an investor is on your side any time any day, both in the good, bad and tough times. We all know companies go through each of these phases. I am really looking forward to seeing how the fund evolves, seeing how great it has started and how it creates more opportunities for women.”

Lolade Alonge
Product, Sales and CS Manager, Koolboks

“Aruwa has been a great help to Koolboks and they have greatly assisted us to scale our business. To be specific, we were at the pilot phase when we met Aruwa, and now we have been able to scale up the business much more than we thought we could, this is due to the value adding strategies and propositions Aruwa brings to Koolboks.”

Deborah Lawson
Founder, Fastizers

“Aruwa is the eye that sees business potentials even when others don’t. They have helped us to expand our product portfolio and distribution channel. We are standing today because Aruwa came on board.’’

Deepankar Rustagi
CEO, OmniRetail

“We are happy to partner with Aruwa Capital on this exciting journey as we approach our next phase of growth. We believe having Aruwa as shareholders will be instrumental to our growth as the team at Aruwa Capital have already shown their dedication in such a short amount of time, to providing strategic support that is instrumental to us becoming the growth engine of traditional retailers in Africa.’’

Olajumoke Dada
Founder, Taeillo

“The Aruwa team has been instrumental in providing strategic guidance and making necessary introductions to facilitate our global growth and expansion plans. During our fundraise, Aruwa’s bold statement through their investment enabled us to close the round fast and focus on our vision of building a global furniture brand from Africa, providing quality, made-in-Africa furniture pieces, at an affordable price point for the mass market, while optimizing our operations, delivery time, and customer experience.”