Aruwa Capital Journey of Impact

A Journey of Resilience & Impact
Aruwa Capital’s Evolution Over the Years
2019-2023 Review

Reflecting on our incredible journey since the launch of Aruwa Capital Management in 2019, we are filled with gratitude for the strides we’ve made, the partnerships forged, the glass ceilings broken, and the impact we’ve catalysed.

2019 – The Launch, Pioneering with Healthcare
We set the stage for change with the launch of Aruwa $20m Fund I, an audacious spin out from an existing fund, with a mission to change the face of investing and entrepreneurship in Africa.

We decided to make our mark with a strategic investment in the Healthcare sector, Wemy Industries, an indigenous local manufacturer of hygiene products for girls, babies and adults. This marked the beginning of our commitment to fostering positive transformations in vital industries.

2020 – Mobilised Local Capital during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time to fundraise, global investors prioritised existing portfolios and put a halt to new relationships.

We mobilised local capital from high net worth individuals, family offices and angel investing groups. We were able to leverage our local network and unleash the power of local community, raising capital from over 60 investors using SPVs.

We are forever grateful to these investors that trusted us and believed in our vision from various virtual pitches via Zoom and parted with their capital during an uncertain time.

2021 – Strategically Invested Across Vital Sectors of the Economy, Building a Diversified Portfolio
With funds raised from local investors, it was time to put some of that capital to work.

With a motivated and committed team, we were able to make 5 new investments spanning Healthcare (Lifestores Healthcare), Fintech (Pngme & Crowdforce), Essential Consumer Goods (Agroeknor), and Cleantech (Koolboks).

2022 – Secured Global Institutional Capital, Making Our Mark in History
With six investments under our belt, we were able to attract interest from Visa Foundation. Visa Foundation played a crucial role in our fundraise by being our first institutional investor, committing $4 million to Fund I.

Following this, we were able to attract further interest from FSD Africa and Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund.

In November 2022, after 3 years of grit, persistence and hardwork, we were pleased to announce the final close of our oversubscribed Fund I.

2023 – Aruwa Capital Fund II Takes Flight and Our Efforts are Globally Recognised With Two Awards. Our efforts and impact so far were also recognised by the local and global community with two amazing awards – The Impact Investor of the Year and the 2X Global Woman Fund Manager of the Year.

We have also launched our $40 million Fund II paving the way to accomplish even greater heights where we look to double down on investing in untapped and overlooked sectors of the economy. We aim to reach a final close of Fund II by Q3 2024 and already have $25 million in commitments from existing and new investors.

We are filled with nothing but gratitude as we reflect and look back on our journey and the vision from 2019 turned into reality. Today, Aruwa Capital stands as a beacon of hope for female & underrepresented fund managers and female entrepreneurs across Africa.

Today, our portfolio comprises of 10 investments spans sectors that define impactful change: Healthcare, Fintech, Essential Consumer Goods, and Cleantech/Renewable Energy. We take pride in our diverse portfolio, reflecting our commitment to investing in underrepresented and overlooked entrepreneurs in critical sectors of the economy achieving superior returns and positive impact.

To everyone who has been part of this transformative journey, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Here’s to the past, the present, and the boundless opportunities that lie before us, the best is yet to come!

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