Aruwa Capital Inaugural Female Fund Managers List for Africa

24 Female Led Funds with Final Closes in Africa

For International Women’s Day, Aruwa Capital Management highlighted 33 women across 24 funds that are female owned and/or female led that have successfully closed funds in Africa since 2008.

These 33 women have shattered the glass ceiling and are role models for women everywhere in the fight for gender equity in critical sectors of the economy. With only 23 female led and female led funds in Africa that have reached final close since 2008, we have a long way to go in bridging the female funding gap and ensuring gender balance across capital allocators.

We are proud of the accomplishments of these powerful Female Fund Managers who have closed their funds in Africa against all odds and are showcasing what women’s economic empowerment looks like.

We are pleased to spotlight the dynamic track record female fund managers bring to the table, the advantages of gender diversity and also highlight the vast untapped potential that is inherent in investing in women. We hope to see a longer list of female fund managers closing their funds in Africa this year.

Cheers to these great women, mentors and role models, we applaud your tenacity and persistence against all odds.