Aruwa Capital Impact So Far

We are thrilled to showcase our latest impact metrics on our 8 portfolio companies.

Please see some important highlights to note below.

  • We have actively contributed to the creation of 143 direct jobs and counting.
  • We are supporting 700 direct jobs of which 44% of those jobs are occupied by women.
  • We are supporting 96,000 direct and indirect jobs through our portfolio companies, where 70% of those jobs are occupied by women.
  • 5% of the companies in our portfolio are led by women or have women in senior positions.
  • We have generated $18.6 million in value chain revenue across our portfolio companies for agents, distributors, smallholder farmers and retailers.
  • Our portfolio companies have generated $25 million in total revenues in the last calendar year.
  • Our portfolio companies have paid $2.9 million cumulatively in taxes in Nigeria and generate revenues in 18 countries across the world.

At Aruwa, our investment strategy not only promises robust financial returns but also fosters positive social impact, improving the lives of millions in under-served and overlooked communities.

We hope that the proof points of Aruwa’s impact so far, has revealed the undeniable multiplier effect that can happen when we have women as capital allocators deploying capital with a gender lens strategy.

We are transforming untapped opportunities into thriving businesses, and propelling progress throughout Africa.

Thank you to our existing partners and investors for making this impact possible. We will continue on this remarkable journey to reshape the investment landscape, create lasting value and empower Africa’s future.