Aruwa Capital Female Led Teams Spotlight- Zainab Arilesere

At Aruwa Capital, we take immense pride in celebrating impactful endeavors, particularly when they’re driven by remarkable women leaders who are shaping positive industry outcomes.

We are celebrating Zainab Arilesere, a visionary product strategist redefining digital product development. Her unwavering commitment to user experiences embodies innovation. Zainab as the Head of Product at Omniretail aka Omnibiz africa is propelling the B2B e-commerce platform to new heights.

With over 65,000 retailers onboard, the company uses its impressive tech stack to streamline access to SKUs, order fulfillment, integrated payments, and inventory financing for retailers in informal trade.

We proudly invest in and champion businesses with women in senior management positions such as Omniretail who also have enormous impact on women in their value chain. Together, we are empowering over 50,000 women retailers, fostering growth, financial inclusion, and unprecedented opportunities.

We applaud Zainab Arilesere’s innovation and the Omnibiz team reshaping digital product development.

To get acquainted with the revolutionary impact of OmniBiz so far, watch the full video here-