Aruwa Capital Female Founder Spotlight- Deborah Gael

Aruwa Capital Management celebrates Deborah Gael, the Co-Founder of our portfolio company, Koolboks.

In an effort to provide sustainable cooling that is affordable and accessible to all, especially those in underserved regions in Africa, Deborah Gael co-founded Koolboks.

Due to the significant lack of access to electricity across Sub Saharan Africa, Koolboks’ vision is simple: to provide access to safe and reliable refrigeration regardless of location or financial status.

As co-founder of Koolboks, Deborah Gael is the real definition of women supporting women, Deborah and the Koolboks team have made their solution accessible to predominantly female informal traders in Nigeria who play a huge role in building the country’s economy, these women often cannot access credit lines from banks to purchase expensive equipment for their businesses but by integrating PayGo technology, they can own a refrigerator for as little as USD10 per month, eliminating the need to invest in costly generators or throw away their perishable goods due to lack of power.

Koolboks’ mission goes beyond providing cooling; it is about empowering women, businesses, and communities across Africa. By supporting Koolboks, we contribute to combating food waste, improving food security, and promoting environmental sustainability.

We celebrate the strides of Deborah Gael and the Koolboks team, transforming lives everyday.

Together we will create a more sustainable and equitable future for Africa.

To witness the incredible impact of Koolboks, watch the full highlight here-