Aruwa Capital Female Led Teams Spotlight – Ajibola Abdulkadir

Aruwa Capital Management celebrates Ajibola Abdulkadir, the Country Manager for Lifestores Healthcare Nigeria.

At Lifestores Healthcare, she is at the forefront of a remarkable journey to provide quality healthcare to underserved communities. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Lifestores is redefining patient care. By 2027, their audacious goal is to unite over 100,000 healthcare providers through the groundbreaking OGAPharmacy B2B marketplace.

Lifestores Healthcare’s mission transcends technological prowess – their commitment extends to tackling the rampant existence of counterfeit medications. In a nation where the authenticity of 20-40% of medicines is compromised, their dedication to upholding genuineness remains steadfast.

Her leadership resonates with the efforts of Lifestores to break barriers and offer healthcare solutions regardless of location or financial means within Nigeria and ultimately Africa.

We celebrate Ajibola Abdulkadir and the Lifestores Healthcare team for transformative strides in amplifying the quality of lives, one step at a time.

We are proud at Aruwa Capital Management to partner with Lifestores in shaping the future of healthcare.

To witness the incredible impact of Lifestores, watch the full highlight here-