Aruwa Capital Featured in the Value for Women 10th Anniversary Report

Aruwa Capital Management was represented by our Founder- Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes in the Value For Women Report Series which was launched to mark its 10th anniversary. She was featured specifically in its impactful 4th issue titled “Women Decision Makers.” This issue sheds light on the critical discussion of channeling more capital towards women decision-makers in emerging markets.

Adesuwa shared invaluable insights, addressing the challenges faced by women fund managers in the investment landscape. She highlighted systemic barriers that hinder their progress, especially for first-time fund managers. As a black woman investing in Africa, Adesuwa emphasized the need for innovative guidelines in due diligence and evaluation, challenging the traditional copy-paste approach.

This issue by Value For Women Ltd. dives deep into the pressing concern of insufficient funding flowing into the hands of women from emerging markets within private equity and venture capital. The publication also delves into the barriers that prevent capital from reaching diverse and local women fund managers.

At our core, we recognize that real change requires structural shifts and improved investment practices. We fully align with the recommendations and tools shared in the issue to drive meaningful transformation. Adesuwa’s participation in this insightful discourse amplifies our commitment to fostering an inclusive investment landscape that empowers women and fuels both financial growth and positive social change.

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