Aruwa Capital featured in the Bridgespan Group’s Impact Investment Report

Aruwa Capital was invited to provide insights on Bridgespan Africa’s latest report – Closing the Capital Gap on Impact Investment in Africa. At Aruwa Capital Management, we firmly believe in the tremendous potential of Africa-based and led fund managers to drive robust financial returns and create enduring social impact across the continent.

As contributors to the report, our Founder stated:


“There are systemic barriers for first-time funds, such as the lack of a track record. The system is designed to exclude women and minorities who are traditionally not from spinouts from setting up a fund.”

-Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes



African fund managers possess unique qualities that position them as instrumental players in shaping the influence of impact capital in Africa. Their proximity, lived experiences, extensive networks, and access to opportunities empower them to spearhead positive change and sustainable development.

The Bridgespan Group’s pioneering research delves into the intricacies and obstacles that African fund managers encounter when seeking capital to achieve their social impact objectives. This comprehensive report offers valuable insights and innovative solutions to bridge the capital gap, empowering these visionary leaders to effectively deploy impact investments.

At Aruwa Capital, we remain committed to providing the business case and example for backing women owned and managed African-based private equity funds, traditionally excluded from the capital allocation ecosystem. We will continue forging a path towards transformative change while showcasing superior financial returns.

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