AgroEknor announces emergency fertilizer assistance for smallholder farmers in Nigeria

AgroEknor, an agricultural company transforming the superfoods value chain has partnered with co-funders including Aruwa Capital, Ford Foundation and The Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund to empower 50,000 smallholder farmers through the provision of fertilizers and farmer support initiatives over the next five years.

Through FEEP; a scalable and innovative capacity building initiative, AgroEknor is investing in smallholder farmers to sustainably increase their harvest volume and value while expanding their income earning opportunities.

During the presentation of fertilizers and farm kit bags to small holder farmers in Jigawa state, AgroEknor’s Executive Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement, Attah Anzaku stated that over the past twelve months, there has been a 45percent increase in the price of fertilizers domestically and agribusinesses must take on the responsibility of mobilizing and providing the right support to ensure that smallholder farmers can continue to sustainably cultivate to feed a growing population while optimizing available farmland.

Speaking at the fertilizer distribution event, AgroEknor co-founder Ayo Oke stated that the motivation behind the intervention was to manage the resource needs required to mitigate low productivity and increase the harvest value in the Nigerian agricultural sector.

According to Mr. Ayo Oke, commitments and action will be needed if smallholders are to adapt to the rising costs of fertilizers and changing climate.

“If no action is taken, reduced inputs and climate change impacts will lead to overall yield reductions of up to 40% by 2030, while fertilizer unavailability and extreme weather changes will result in higher losses of post-harvest quality and quality . Ultimately, the objective of this intervention is to provide the right inputs to smallholder farmers which would improve the quality of their harvest, enhance their earnings and further enforce their motivation to remain in the Agric industry”

As an innovative and impact-driven business, AgroEknor is building on traditional agri-food production expertise to create more efficient operations and profitability across the value chain.