Aruwa Capital Releases its Inaugural Annual Impact Report

Aruwa Capital releases its inaugural Annual Impact Report

We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of our 2023 impact report! This is not just a report; it’s a testament to our journey and dedication to sustainable inclusive growth, job creation and gender equality.

From launching a $20 million Fund I as a dream in 2019, exactly 5 years ago, to launching a $40 million Fund II in 2023, and all that has happened in between including investing in 10 high growth high impact businesses, this report highlights the giant strides we have made and our pioneering strategy that differentiates us from others.

This report is a comprehensive overview of our value proposition, key achievements, and the impact we continue to make. It includes exclusive insights from members of our Investment Committee and impact case studies from each of our portfolio companies, giving you a first hand look into the Aruwa story.

You can read the full report by clicking the picture below or visiting this link –

Our 2023 impact report delves deep into our thesis, showcasing our key impact themes and theory of change across three key areas:

  • Job creation
  • ⁠Gender equality
  • Strengthening local economies

The report also highlights how Aruwa has expanded its investment portfolio, significantly supporting women-led businesses where 70% of our portfolio are female founded or female led, whilst also spurring significant job creation, supporting over 175,000 direct and indirect jobs. In addition our portfolio has generated $98 million in revenue for micro SMEs in our value chain; from female small holder farmers in Jigawa, to market women in Lagos, to retailers in Akure, to POS agents in Kano.

Our impact is spurring significant economic growth, employment and export earnings across our target countries. This report captures the essence of our commitment to gender equality and intentional impact investing, demonstrating that gender equality is key to sustainable growth but also effortlessly unlocks superior financial returns.

By investing in resilient and high-performing businesses that provide basic needs, we showcase that investing with a gender lens drives impactful change and yields significant financial benefits.

As pioneers in early-stage SME growth equity and gender lens investing in West Africa, our efforts have uniquely positioned us in a market with limited competition where we can cherry pick the best investments resulting in significant returns both financially and socially. Our achievements have been recognized locally and globally, underscoring our commitment to sustainable investing practices that deliver tangible, measurable results.

We invite you to be among the first to explore the full report and witness first hand the impact Aruwa Capital is making across Africa. Together, we can champion a gender-diverse future for the continent and beyond. Together, we’re shaping a future where gender equality drives sustainable growth and empowers communities.

Thank you to our partners for your ongoing support and belief in our mission, a dream five years ago that has now become a reality.

We are not just making investments at Aruwa Capital; we are shaping the future of Africa.